Join the NEA BIG Read for The Bear

Join the Big Read with Stage Left Community Arts Center and Lepper Library.  Read the book The Bear by Andrew Krivak!  In March we will have a book discussion on the book so start reading now so you are ready.  We have plenty of copies of The Bear to check out. .  This is sponsored by the National Endowment of the Arts.

Check out more programing of the NEA Big Read at Stage Left’s calendar.

1000 Books Before Kindergarten

This is a great way to read with your preschooler and start your child loving books. We will give you the sheets to keep track of the titles as they are being read. Even if you read the same book more than once it counts. Show us the sheets as they are being completed. There is a measuring chart at the library in the children’s room that tracks your child’s progress. Watch as your child’s name climbs after each sheet of 100 is recorded and they’re progress moves up towards the 1000 books goal. Once completed they will receive a free book of their choice. For more information stop by the library.

500 Books Before Middle School

This is a great way to keep children interested in books, all books read or read to count.  At each level they get a token and surprises at the end!  Sign up with the Youth Librarian.

100 Books Before High School

This is a great program for Middle School kids!  This allows them to count their required reading and also gives them the freedom to choose books that they want to read.  They receive tokens along the way and a surprise at the end.  Contact the Youth Librarian to sign up.

100 Books Before Graduation

This is a great wa to stay current on all your favorite authors and also get credit for the pre-college reading.  You receive tokens along the way and a surprise at the end.  Contact the Youth Librarian to sign up.

Use the ‘Libby’ app to get free eBooks, eAudiobooks, eMagazines & more!

Download the app Libby by Overdrive to get free digital books, magazine and digital audio books. Recently the Ohio Digital Library has increased the checkout limit to 20 items at one time and your ability to place a hold on an item went up to 30. A nice feature is that once you download a borrowed item you can play it anywhere without internet. Great item for those long trips instead of the radio, you can keep up with your  favorite authors.

Starting February 2022, the Overdrive App will not be available for download on any devices. In the future, the app will stop being updated and eventually be discontinued. All of the same digital content from Overdrive is available on Libby as well. If you need help downloading or signing in to the Libby App, come to the Lepper Library and we will be happy to assist you or call 330-424-3117!  


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