Yellowstone. Season 2

A fierce battle in the American west over land reaches a boiling point as a Montana family tries to preserve their heritage in the shadow of America’s most famous national park. John Dutton struggles to keep his family together in the midst of everything that would try to tear them apart. He may be able to protect the family land, but will he sacrifice the things most dear to him in the process?


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The Goldfinch

One boy’s life is destroyed in a matter of seconds when his mother perishes in a bombing at an art museum. Afterward, he is forced to start his life over. Placed with a wealthy family, he grows up in the shadow of the horrific tragedy that transformed his world. As he attempts to move on and put the past behind him, he finds that it follows him everywhere he goes.

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Game of Thrones. Season 8

Visit the realm of Westeros, where the Iron Throne is the main prize in a chess game of different players. King Robert sits upon the Iron Throne, but his rule is unstable. His wife, the Queen, despises him, as she hides many secrets of her own. The King’s hand, Ned Stark, rules the North, but must maneuver through the government’s bureaucracy to get even the smallest job done. Emerging across the water is Daenerys. As heir to the Iron Throne, she must find her way back to Westeros to claim her seat. She has three dragons growing quickly, ready to take her into battle when the time is right. With other plots afoot, including strategic murders and appointments, Westeros is about to embark on a long war amongst themselves to truly find the rightful King.

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How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming

When a full scale war breaks out between the vikings and dragons, Toothless ends up reunited with Hiccup. Both of them have to ensure their safety with the fighting raging on, despite their loyalty to their respective factions and to each other. Through the powers of friendship and trust they’ll teach each of their sides to respect the other and to remind them of the unbreakable bonds between vikings and dragons. If they don’t, it could spell the end for both groups.


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