Toy Story 4

Alongside their imaginative owner, Bonnie, Woody, Buzz, and their pals set out on a fun-filled road trip. Doing what Woody does best, he deviates from the plan, subsequently finding himself in an unlikely situation. When Woody crosses paths with Bo Peep, an old friend from whom he’s grown distant, he realizes the many ways in which his life has fallen short. Their reunion realigns Woody’s goals, and he vows to live his life as a toy to the fullest.


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Stu, a qualified Uber driver boasting a 5-star rating, finds himself in an unlikely situation after picking up his detective passenger. Said passenger is on the hunt for an infamous terrorist. Given how close the detective is to detaining the fugitive, he stresses the importance of locating the killer timely. Stu, who’s utterly baffled, assumes the dubious honor of finding this hardened criminal. As the chase unfolds, Stu goes to great lengths to uphold his immaculate rating while serving justice.

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All in the Family. Season 4

Set in 1970’s Queens New York, All in the Family was the first show to tackle the social commentary of the time. Archie Bunker is a cab driver in New York City with some very old and conservative opinions about American life. Archie is a bigot living in the most diverse city in the world and always has something to say about it. He is constantly butting heads with his daughter Gloria and her husband Mike, who Archie calls Meathead. All Edith, Archie’s wife, can do is try to keep the peace in the house the best she can.


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