Summer Reading Program Continues for Children, Teens & Adults!

The Summer Reading Program continues through July 25th. You can still register and participate in Oceans of Possibilities. You have the option of signing up by using the MyLibro App or stop by the library to register and pick up a packet. All reading must be logged and turned in by July 21st to be counted for the final drawings.  The children’s weekly programs will be held on Monday’s at 11:00am. In collaboration with other libraries in our county we will offer various ocean themed programs such as, Coral Reefs, Mermaids, Octopuses, Sharks, and more! The finale will include a pizza party and making boats and having Tin Foil Boat races.

There will be programs for adults and teens too! This program is a great way to jump start your summer and is for the whole family. There will be prizes and incentives along with the satisfaction we get just from reading.

As part of Summer Reading we will have the popular Story Stroll twice along the Greenway Bike Trail and Lisbon Square. This is a fun and educational way to read a story while being active. There will be a craft at the end of the story to pick up and take home to make.

Check back here or watch the local newspapers and social media for further announcements.

Children’s Summer Reading Program! – Monday, July 18th at 11:00

Come join ‘Oceans of Possibilities’!  Hear a program on ‘Explore the Shore’ by East Palestine Memorial Library’s Children’s Librarian. Remember to turn in your reading by July 21st to be counted for prizes.  The finale pizza party provided by Italo’s of Lisbon, Tin Foil Boat Races by OSU Columbiana County Extension Services and prize giveaway will be from 11:00-1:00 on Monday, July 25th!





Summer Reading Finale – Monday, July 25th at 11:00 am

Thank you to out great donors and helpers!  The finale Pizza Party provided by Italo’s of Lisbon starts at 11:00am followed by Tin Foil Boat Races by OSU Columbiana County Extension Services. Summer Reading Children & Teen Prizes will also be given out.   2+ hours program.  Remember to turn in your reading logs by July 21st to be counted for prizes.

1000 Books Before Kindergarten

This is a great way to start the preschoolers by reading with your child and loving books. We will give you the sheets to keep track of the titles as they are being read. Even if you read the same book more than once it counts. Show us the sheets as they are being completed. There is a measuring chart at the library in the children’s room that tracks your child’s progress. Watch as your child’s name climbs after each sheet of 100 is recorded and they’re progress moves up towards the 1000 books goal. Once completed they will receive a free book of their choice. For more information stop by the library.

STEAM Kits for Check Out

We have STEAM kits to check out.  They cover a wide variety of subject, from car engineering and design to construction.  Some are recommended for as young as 2 year olds.  The kids will learn as they play and enjoy them for hours!

Featured Collection: Children’s Audio Books

The children’s Department has two types of audio books.  For the younger children there are books with the CD so they can follow along with the story. Looking at the book while listening reinforces reading skills. For the older children there are chapter books on CD that allows their imagination to flourish. These both make great travel companions.  Also, we have free streaming and downloadable audio books for children of all ages on Overdrive.

Check out the AWE Learning Station in the Children’s Department

If you’ve never used the computer in the Children’s area, now’s the time to try it.  This computer is intended for PreK-3rd grade (ages 2-8) and feature educational games that cover the seven main curriculum areas:  Reading, Words and Phonics; Math and Problem-Solving; Science and Nature; Social Studies and Geography; Computer Skills; Research; and Music and Art. It has tons of fun games that you do not even realize you are learning!  This Learning station can be accessed by one or two children.


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